You choose the package of services necessary for your business. Fill in the order form from the menu of our site, provide us the details of your business such as: website, company or business name, field of activity, a brief description of the business, a brief description of the product (s) offered or the service (s). provided, the contact details (if you want to be published in posts), the business logo and photos regarding the business, the products or services offered by you and any other details you consider that you must make them known to the general public. We do an analysis of the promotion strategy for your business.

We analyze the material provided by you, if further clarification is needed we contact you, we establish the working strategy and we start the work. In the first stage, we post the details (description of the business or products / services), the logo and the photo or photos (depending on the promotion package purchased) regarding your business on 40 Facebook pages with over 1,680,000 followers, 75 Twitter profiles with over 38,250,000 followers, 28 Instagram profiles with over 625,000 followers, 25 Pinterest profiles with over 350,000 followers, 18 Linkedin profiles with over 168,000 followers, 16 Xing profiles with over 196,000 followers and 74 Tumblr profiles with over 360,000 of followers, we write and publish articles about your business on private blogs, we build links from websites with high authority, we publish ads, we make registrations in web directories, we save your pages in various online networks (bookmarks), we write and distribute content regarding your business in online portals and forums and we use many other marking techniques digital eting after a unique and secret strategy.

In the third stage we resume all the operations from the second stage and in addition we distribute (share) the content posted on the 20 Facebook pages through 138 different Facebook profiles with over 440,000 friends and followers of all ages, all social positions and from worldwide . We distribute the content posted on the 75 Twitter profiles (retweets) through 15 other Twitter profiles with over 650,000 followers. We distribute the content posted on Tumblr (reblog) through 14 other Tumblr profiles with over 280,000 followers.

In the fourth stage we resume the operations from the previous stages and in addition we post the content regarding your business, your products or services through 124 different profiles on Facebook with over 480,000 followers and give like posts, write comments and redistribute the content posted on these pages through through other Facebook user profiles that follow the Facebook profiles that post the content. We repost content on Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Xing and Tumblr accounts, write positive comments, add notes, give likes and redistribute content cascade from one account to another. We make these reposts and redistributions weekly through hundreds of different accounts and profiles in all the important online networks.
In the fifth stage we resume the procedures from the previous stages and in addition we post the content regarding your business, products or services through over 1,786 Facebook groups with over 396,850,000 members. Later we return to these posts through various personal profiles, like, write comments and redistribute the content posted in these groups through other individual Facebook profiles, members in these groups, cascaded multiple times, so that the message reaches in front of all members and users.
In the sixth stage we resume the activities from the previous stages and in addition we return through 145 other Facebook profiles with over 685,000 friends, 28 different Twitter profiles, 120 different Pinterest profiles, write comments, give like posts and redistribute the posts to other users. Some of them in turn will appreciate and redistribute the posts. Then we go back to the postings and redistribute them weekly as long as the promotion campaign (related to the contracted promotion package), so that we are sure that all interested public will find out about your business and your products / services. Guaranteed your business will become a success, you will gain new customers, you will increase the volume of sales and automatically and the profit obtained as a result of increased sales.
The extraordinary results can be seen with the naked eye. We have done what no one else can do at prices that allow even a very small business to benefit from these services. That means posting, distributing and redistributing in the cascade. This means a viral campaign in which we interconnect all categories of public of all genders and all genders, from all geographical areas of the country. This means links and social signals of the highest quality. It seems simple, but it is still very – very complicated, very expensive and extremely difficult to manage such an activity. If it was easy anyone would have done it, but we guarantee that there is no real competition for our services. I worked for many years and spent hundreds of thousands of euros until we managed to develop this complex system. Anyone who has done something similar (although no one has such a network) knows what we are saying, who did not, will waste a lot of time and spend a lot of money without getting results, so we advise him to call we because we have the experience and the necessary resources to do these things. The results begin to appear. Tens of thousands of applications will not appear overnight, but gradually the results will be observed. Receive emails, phones ring, orders increase in volume, sales are increasing, you will make hires you can handle orders. In the end, everyone is completely satisfied. You get the recognition you deserve, you earn the dream revenue and the growth of the business and besides the fact that we can secure the necessary expenses with the maintenance of such a complex system, we get the satisfaction that where others have not succeeded, we have succeeded and above that we will know that much of your success is due to us and that will make us proud. This means a mutually advantageous business.