The Story Behind the WoxMarketing Scene

Experienced Team

Our team has over 12 years of online activity. In these years , we have gone through all the stages that any company has gone through . We made hundreds of mistakes at the beginning , We failed for many times , We try again and again , it was wrong. At one point, we wanted to abandon our work and start another business . But we were young and enthusiastic, and we tried again hundreds of times and after hundreds of mistakes we succeeded. It was tough, it was very stressful but it was worth it . Now with our developed network in these years and with experience gained , we convert absolutely every small business into a highly successful one. We know how to do it , we have what to do , and above all we love what we do.

Many Agencies Get Tired Of Talking. We Talk A Little And Do A Lot .

We Work And Get Results

At our agency things are simple. Choose the service you deserve , pay it , tell us the necessary details and possible mistakes and we start working . We do not make theories and invent anything new. We know what we have to do and we passionately do everything we do . We guarantee you will be fully satisfied and you will remain our client forever . So fewer words and more results is our motto.

It Is Important To Want One Thing But It Is More Important To Have What To Do With It

Huge Network

The difference between us and other competitors  is that we have built over 12 years of activity a huge network that helps us today to work and we have full control over our work. At this time, we use the following technical resources: 64 dedicated servers in the different data centers around the globe, 38 virtual private servers in different locations, 686 web sites on all business niches, 62 blogs, 4 forums, 344 different profiles in all social networks, 778 social networking groups , 194 discussion communities, 22 classified ads portals , 18 different profiles in web directories , we work with 126 other webmasters from around the world who manage over 3650 websites. These are some of the figures that will describe a particularly complex activity.

Made of People for People

Growing With People

We are a team of international digital natives with a management consulting, marketing, design, and technology background. We have maintained this approach and continue to focus on deploying innovation and technology in marketing to help our clients improve their customer experiences while meeting their business objectives. The Wox Marketing team is the force behind WoxMarketing’s happy clients.

Our diverse backgrounds ensure we understand the business holistically in both traditional and digital business environments. We have built a business using digital growth hacking techniques we share with clients. So we can help other companies to scale theirs to new heights.

We make you a leader in your segment and detach you from competitors.

We Love New Chalenges

A website, advertising, and design do not entirely solve the problem of acquiring an ideal customer, maximizing profits, building loyalty and brand awareness . Business is an interconnected multifaceted system. 90% of any business development is Selling. Production, R&D, operations, finance, marketing, sales and other functions are closely interrelated .That’s why we develop an outstanding business system, tailor-made for attracting and converting customers into profits: from the concept of the product or service to launching and scaling the business.

To Increase Sales And Profit You Need Our Services

We Use Our Own Network

Every business needs marketing and advertising campaigns to increase sales and profit, but also to increase business value. Unfortunately, marketing and advertising services are very expensive and many companies can not afford to buy these services. These impediments have also struck us when we started our business and developed our own network through which we can promote our businesses efficiently at a very low cost. But we can do much more, so we’ve decided to help other companies that are in a situation where they can not afford to use a marketing agency, so we’ve created some packages of full SEO, marketing and advertising services to bring guaranteed results for any business in any country to attract subscribers and customers in an impressive number. Above all, we have decided to offer very, very low prices so that any entrepreneur can afford our services and benefit from our help.

We Do Not Use The Dirty Tricks That Others Use To Sell

We Do Not Cheat And Do Not Fool

We do not necessarily need a certain volume of sales and we generally have a lot of work to do. We do not have to make lying promises to sell and we do not want to waste time with sterile disputes, so we only offer what we can do and do whatever we offer . It is very simple . Buy something and get what you buy. Why complicate our lives? So if you want to get what you buy, we are your supplier that you can rely on .

We Can Work For Any Business In Any Country Of The World

Global Coverage

Whether you are from America, Asia ,Africa, Europe , Australia , our marketing campaign results will bring you fame and recognition worldwide and locally . Our network includes users and members from all over the world, so there are no shortcomings in terms of targeting the public . All our campaigns will reach all users and members around the world, so that both the targeting audience and the general public will known well about your products, your business or anything else you want to promote . We have the best infrastructure to get the promised results, no matter where the corner of the world is your business .

We Can Work For Business In Any Language

Any Language Allowed

Theoretically we can work for any language on earth, but we can say that we excel in the following languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Romanian, Turkish. For any other language, please provide us with the business name, business description, contact details and keywords in the language in which you want the business to be promoted. If we have trouble, we’ll contact you.

Suitable For Any Kind Of Business

Any Business Allowed

Whether you own a classic business or an online business, our services will help you to reach the maximum level of satisfaction . If you own a small or medium business , a passion, a hobby, you are a photographer or a doctor, an artist or a sportsman, you have great skills that you want to be known , you are a writer , journalist or composer and want to become very popular . If you are a programmer , a researcher , an inventor and want to make your achievements well known . For whatever you want to promote, we have the simplest, cheapest , fastest and most effective solution.

We Know What We Do And We Do Just What We Know Very Well

More Order With Us

Do not waste time . Invest your time only in what you excel at : your business. And we will take care of your complete and efficient marketing . Let’s move your business forward ! We will bring you new customers, take them through your website and encourage them to leave with purchase.